Frequently asked questions

Our service is only available in Myanmar(Burmese).
There are absolutely no contracts or setup fees.
There are no limits on how many lists or contacts you can have
In the United States(English), the limit is 160 chars. In Myanmar(Burmese), it’s limited to 65 chars.
Firstly, go to My Database >> Group’s Class. Once there, you’ll see your groups listed. Simply click on the Pencil Icon below Actions to change the group name. Change your group name and click SUBMIT to save it.
Go to My Database >> Create Phone Group. And then, simply add Group Name and choose Group’s class. Finally, click SUBMIT to save it.
You can find all of our pricing information by visiting this link: Pricing.
Click Dashboard. You’ll see your dashboard and you’ll notice a graph chart and the table list. The graph chart and table list will show you the list who and when send by for that service.
Firstly, click on Buy Package. You’ll see our SMS packages listed. Simply click and select on any SMS packages what you want. Then, click Next. Secondly, you have to choose operators ( Telenor or Ooredoo or MPT ) and click Next. You’ll see your details and click Buy Now to buy SMS packages. Then, you’ll see Payment Due Date, subtotal and total amount that you have to pay and choose payment methods: PayPal, Card Payment, Bank Transfer and 123 service and finally, click Submit Payment.
We have many payment methods: PayPal, Card Payment, Bank Transfer and 123 service. You can pay what you like payment methods to buy messages.
Click on Schedule. Once there, click on Add New Schedule at the right to create a new message. Then, enter message title, Schedule Date and choose Excel File ( CSV ) in the box, and click Submit.
Sure, you can add users as you want. Click on Access Management >> User Management. And click on Create User ( by color green ) to add users. Then, enter Name, E-mail Address, Password, Password Confirmation, etc. And choose Administrator or Normal User. After that, click on Create.
You can manage many users. Click on Access Management >> Role Management. And click Create Role at the right. Then, enter Name, Associated Permssions and Sort and click Create.